Senior citizen suicide

This happens, sad but loneliness is a real issue in seniors

Hidden Inside

Todays big news a senior senior committed suicide at delhi metro station. Where he was carrying a suicide note in his pocket. He was depressed, annoyed with his life.

But why i am repeating the headlines today?

Because that guy is my grandfather, my nanu.

Yes, he committed suicide. He was depressed and annoyed. My mom always tells me his story, that he was a very strong and respected person in his career. He was very strict and punctual.

So imagine that how much he was depressed. The only and only reason for his depression is his 2nd wife who brutaully tourched him, both mentally and physically. The reason for this is just money, Money and money. Thats it. He loved her so much that when she was not healthy, he was so stressed even though he knew how horrible she is.

This incident happened at 3:20 pm yestersay and…

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week 19

My garden seedlings have finally sprouted and so has my spinach and kale. Watching them grow into edible food is amazing.

2018: A Year of Living Sustainably

DSCN1230 Brazilian Cherry Tree

What’s in the garden?

We have ten lovely hens and one little shit of a hen who keeps getting out and digging up my open garden.  None of our chooks are ‘spring chickens.’  All of them (bar Polly) have been given to us by other chicken owners who’d had enough of the responsibility of chicken ownership. From this motley crew of ISA browns, Australorp, silkies etc, we get one egg a day at the moment.  This is partly because it’s autumn and partly because of their age.

So far we have never eaten our own hens. They faithfully lay us eggs which we turn into  cakes, curried eggs, fried eggs for breakfast and so forth.   We get to know their little personalities and they know that we deliver them their daily feed of grain so they are super friendly and enjoy a cuddle or a pat when they…

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Saturday Sundae. A swift pistachio peachy, sassy glacé

Now this looks tasty!

ice cream magazine


A sales mail arrives. An apt reminder entitled… What to wear this weekend.  The joyous vision of dappled sunshine on a pastel abundance. The hues and hum of spring time opulence, a willowy cornucopia of flouncy delicacies and delicate pretties for the table.  In reality, my mind was also considering What to wear this weekend i.e. thermals? Wonders to self why it’s below zero, lumping it down with huge splashy snow flakes. Considers an off the shoulder sou’wester?


Truth be told, it’s an idea snaffled from a soggy, droopy eared Easter Bunny who was recently sighted, stoically carting his podgy portmanteau of chocolate goodies to his keen and eager audience.


On the Saturday evening one swiftly lobbed together a medley of object d’virtu from the fridge/freezer/larder for an impromptu gathering the following day.

Few things better a bit of old-fashioned, spontaneous insta-fun.


It was…

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